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How the beds were won

It’s always hard to believe that things you don’t know how to do yourself are doable, but in the end, they are … OK, so we had built raised beds before, but this time in the station garden, we were having … Continue reading

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Beautiful pots brighten up the shady garden

                The shady triangle has been brightened up by two beautiful ceramic planters, set at the bottom of the garden by the station building wall. The pots have been donated and planted up … Continue reading

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Old Sussex apples and pears

No, not some local variety of Cockney rhyming slang, but the mini-orchard we’re planning for our raised beds at London Road Station … With the help of Brighton Permaculture Trust, we plan to plant three apples and two pears as cordons growing up … Continue reading

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2012 planting plans

We’ve been been thinking for some time about what to plant in the gated plot where we grow edible plants. We were proud of last year’s two mange-tout, but the mange-tout and the runner beans were not very productive. We … Continue reading

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Replanting Preston Circus planters – get involved!

The Preston Circus planters need you … I finally met up with Alan Griffiths from Cityparks last week to talk about the four Preston Circus planters. He’s pleased that there is some interest in ressurrecting the planters, and agreed that … Continue reading

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Snowy and shady

It finally snowed overnight, just a white dusting that’s fast turning to slush. As I suspected, the gated plot where our edible plants grow in raised beds is significantly more exposed to the elements than the shady garden where we grow … Continue reading

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It’s very cold …

I was sceptical, I thought it was all hype … but no, it really has turned very, very cold. Here in coastal Brighton, the temperatures are below freezing. It’s certainly the coldest it’s been this winter. I was out in the station … Continue reading

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