It’s spring – a year of LRSP

This last week has really brought a sense of spring to Brighton. The daffodils are out, there are buds on the trees and cafe tables are appearing on the pavements again. The sky has been bright blue, the sun has been shining and the temperatures have been up to 17C. I’m apprehensive about the drought that’s been declared in the South East, but today it’s raining for the first time in 10 days.

It’s almost a year since we set up the London Road Station Partnership and started creating our gardens: we had our first meeting on Sunday 27th March last year. It’s a moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved because it’s so easy to forget. Here are the before and after photos: and yes, our bulbs did come up (see November post).

Shady triangle

Shady triangle March 2011

Shady triangle March 2012

Gated edible growing plot

Gated plot March 2011

Gated plot Jan 2012

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