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Preston Circus planted

This afternoon the wind had died down, and it was pleasantly sunny. Finally, we got around to planting up the remaining two planters at the major cross-roads of Preston Circus, and filling the gaps in the two planters we planted … Continue reading

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Good Gadabout

Well, despite very blustery winds, we had a very enjoyable opening for the Garden Gadabout on Saturday. Probably the most difficult thing was tying up the banner and the notices; string is mischevious in high winds. We were open on … Continue reading

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Our video: relive the mini-orchard event!

Madaleine’s just finished the final edit of our first London Road Station Partnership video. Remember the mini-orchard event back in March? It’s all here …   Click to view our video!

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Garden Gadabout 23rd June

    We’re delighted to be ‘opening’ the London Road Station Partnership gardens for the Brighton Garden Gadabout on Saturday 23rd June from 11am to 5pm. The Garden Gadabout is an opportunity to visit a whole range of private and … Continue reading

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Under the duvet in June

Two weeks ago, I left Brighton in a drought. The water butt in the London Road Station gated plot was empty, it seemed impossible to keep our pots of herbs from drying out, and all activity moved towards the shade of the west … Continue reading

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Of ants and aphids

Several of us have noticed lots of ants swarming up our apple trees. What’s going on? Are the ants doing any damage? Ants unfortunately are a sign of aphid colonies, and aphids – green and black fly – suck sap, … Continue reading

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