Our video: relive the mini-orchard event!

Madaleine’s just finished the final edit of our first London Road Station Partnership video. Remember the mini-orchard event back in March? It’s all here …  

Click to view our video!

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1 Response to Our video: relive the mini-orchard event!

  1. Anne-Marie Bur says:

    This is a beautifully made video – really fantastic and I was so thrilled to see one of the orchards we supported depicted like this, shown in its community setting , and such a great event you made of it! Only niggle is that Action in rural Sussex ( who run the project with Brighton Permaculture Trust and whose employee Joanna Harper got the ball rolling) aren’t mentioned in the credits. Can you insert the name now and then I can send on the link to all of our staff and trustees etc. Joanna incidentally has taken some photos of the orchard but if you can supply some others that are more recent and are hi res we may well put one in our forthcoming book on orchards in Sussex – but we need them quickly! It would be lovely to have a recent one with the trees looking so healthy – but somehow to capture the station setting too – railings, steps etc a bit of a challenge for you!

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