The wider picture (video)

LR Station map w LRSPThe London Road Station Partnership, Brighton, developed out of our local residents group, Ditchling Rise and Area Residents Association (DRARA). We still report back to DRARA meetings so that the neighbourhood more generally knows what we’re doing. Madeleine’s video, produced for DRARA’s AGM last week, gives a real flavour of our neighbourhood.

Shaftesbury Place, where London Road Station is situated, is a focus for our neighbourhood. Our edible growing garden is the red and green blob by the railway bridge.

Currently, DRARA is working with the Council and the railway to  improve some of the facilities there, such as opportunities for cycle parking and easier crossing of the railway bridge for bikes.

Street party 2012 5 umbrellas

You’ll see Chris Collin’s arrival at the garden for the RHS photoshoot and Bill Randall’s visit on Big Dig Day. And how the beautiful London Road Station building makes a superb backdrop for our street parties.

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