Mid-May update … cold, wet but progressing

May started with hot weather (finally, up towards 20C) and we were worried again about keeping seedlings out of the sun and plants well watered. We even had the shading up in the greenhouse. The rain started again, though, on May 8th and the temperatures plummeted. They don’t seem to have risen much since then …

Here’s Diane’s mid-May update from 14th May:

“I ventured to the garden this afternoon to check out the ‘umbrella theory’!   Because this fine rain has so little power, the leaves tend to shelter the soil from the rain – and yes, indeed, even under the big spinach leaves the soil was completely dry!  I picked the big leaves on the ‘cut and come again’ model, and watered that area, and others which were dry in spite of what seems like useful rain.

The water butts are healthily full, and Mark has transferred water to Madeleine’s old water butt for emergency use when the drought eventually comes.  Great!

In spite of the cold, things are really on the move!  Madeleine’s carrots are shaping up, as are the radishes, and those seeds (the slow ones) are up – garlic chives, rocket and…. not sure what some are.

There is cut-and-come again salad in two troughs – we do need to eat them to keep the salad going for the season.   I picked enough for 4 people yesterday, and it hardly shows!  They were delicious….

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