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Shady summer colours

We’ve not paid the shady triangle a lot of attention so far this year. It’s coming into its own with lush green growth everwhere: the fatsia japonica is huge, the ferns are growing up high again, we had to cut … Continue reading

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Season’s successes so far

The successes so far have mainly been salads and other leaves. We’ve been harvesting rocket and lettuce regularly, and our cavalo nero is growing beautifully with edible bouquets being picked each Tuesday. The Unwins’ mixed lettuce leaves and rocket, seeds … Continue reading

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Stanford Ave Community garden launch

Stanford Avenue Community garden had its official launch on Friday. Leeks, broccoli, a raspberry cane, strawberries and herbs from London Road Station will find a happy new home about half a mile up the road in this new community-run plot … Continue reading

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The irony of neglect

It keeps happening: just as I am trying to nurture a new plant, nature laughs in my face and produces a fine specimen in a neglected area. It’s actually quite reassuring – it puts us in our place. It happened … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve learned

As the growing season has suddenly come upon us, I’ve been doing a bit of reading up and reflecting on some gardening conundrums. Soil John Harrison, in his wonderful Essential Allotment Guide¬†writes about soil thus: ‘Your soil is made up … Continue reading

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Compost oddities

Our compost features prominently in the life of our community garden at London Road Station. About 20 people who live in and around the area bring their organic vegetable and fruit waste to our compost bin. Many of these contributors … Continue reading

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June jaunts

Or … how much can you get in a Nissan Note? Four gardeners, six bags of compost, eight trays of bedding plants, ten perennials and two herbs. Just as well we arrived late afternoon at Stanmer Nursery, otherwise I suspect … Continue reading

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More on Preston Circus planters

Now the core perennials in the Preston Circus planters are taking root and giving us an idea of shape, we’ve started filling in with more plants, in particular some annuals which will eventually provide some colour. The coastal planter It’s … Continue reading

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