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Watering and old tights

Currently in the London Road Station garden, water is the obsession. Our water rota seems to be working well, but it’s been hard getting enough water into our raised beds, the shady but dry ornamental garden, our herb planters and … Continue reading

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Variety – our tomatoes and courgettes

We’ve been wondering about the behaviour of our tomatoes and our courgettes, both of which are now doing well in the sun, but have particular, intriguing characteristics which have puzzled us. I’ve checked up on the varieties we’re growing to see … Continue reading

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The art and science of watering

It’s suddenly got hot. Temperatures have now been going over 20C for about 10 days. The French beans and the courgettes have perked up. But we haven’t had much rain for about 10 days. On Tuesday, our four water butts … Continue reading

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