Warm wet December

pansies in tree pits 12.15It has been remarkably warm this December. We’ve only rarely hit single figures apart from a brief overnight frost back in November. But it has been wet … very, very wet. And wet’s not good for getting out and about.

Despite that, we managed a session last Tuesday December 1st at the station – the latest we’ve ever continued into the winter. Marlene and I cleared leaves and rowan berries from the station forecourt, removed the sad bits of cyclamen and the summer’s lobelia from the platform planters, and put in some more pansies and primula in the shadier tree pit. But wet and dark, even if it is warm, really is not at all motivating. Winter’s not meant for gardening, though I tell myself pansies, primula and cyclamen will brighten things up. I still have several waiting to be planted up into my winter window boxes but still haven’t got around to it …

There’s a hint today of blue sky out there but I shan’t be venturing out into the sodden garden as I recover from a wet winter bug.  Next week, we’ll have our LRSP Xmas tea, a spur to plant up those bright flowers and get the gardens cleared.

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