We have three compost bins at London Road Station and around 30 people contributing kitchen fruit and veg waste. We use the compost each autumn and spring on our gardens and planters.

If you would like to be part of our community composting scheme, please get in touch: or 07709 069486

You need to be a member of the station partnership and sign one of our membership forms. This means that you agree to Southern Railway’s health and safety guidelines. We can then show you around the composting area and let you have the access code.


  • Raw fruit and vegetable waste (but not tea bags, mango stones, avocado stones/skin)
  • Citrus peel and coffee grounds
  • Grass clippings


  • any cooked food: meat, pasta, bread, rice, dairy – it will attract vermin.
  • plastic, glass, metal – not biodegradable
  • tea bags, biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags, wooden objects – they take too long to break down
  • paper and cardboard – this can be recycled via Cityclean’s normal collection
  • large fruit stones from e.g. avocado, mango, peaches etc – they take too long to break down
  • conkers or other hard tree nuts – as above
  • pet bedding, cat litter, animal faeces – a potential health risk for us
  • egg shells– they can attract vermin and do not compost very well.
  • garden waste – we have quite a bit of this from the LRSP garden and we don’t have the space


  • Chop up large vegetables – this helps the materials biodegrade more quickly.
  • Make sure none of your waste falls outside the compost bin – this can attract vermin.
  • Take particular care during rainy weather as the compost area can get muddy and slippery.

Our compost bins have around a 9-month turnaround, so we need to avoid materials that are very slow to biodegrade such as tea bags, biodegradable plastic bags, wooden objects, avocado skin and stone and large fruit stones or tree nuts so NO CONKERS! If these go in the compost, we have to fish them out again!

LRSP 2018 Chestnuts in compost

THANK YOU very much for supporting our compost scheme











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